Trusting Fuji X system for weddings

The Fuji X mirrorless camera systems are definitely gaining popularity. Photographers usually either use them professionally, exclusively or in addition to another system / SLR, etc. Some use them for personal cameras because of their quality and portability. Everyone’s reasons are different, but what it boiled down to for me was not being happy with my big 2 upgrade options and being tired of the Canikon politics. I bought my XT-1 with the kit 18-55 with the intention of eventually replacing my SLR gear, and using it exclusively. If I could get used to it and I felt comfortable with it to fulfill my needs. And even if not, it would make a great take along camera, so either way I was none the poorer.

As I’ve addressed in past Fuji related articles, using the X system is different from using SLR systems. And it takes getting used to, especially before trusting Fuji X system for weddings, or any other event that is critical. This was even more crucial for me nearly a year and a half ago before any firmware upgrades, and there were almost no resources at the time. Thankfully now both firmware upgrades and online and social media groups have helped bridge the transition. This is the advice I would give to those who want to get to where they can comfortable rely on their mirrorless system of any brand, to photograph weddings. Use it, get to know it. Don’t expect it to behave like a DSLR, use it for what it is in other demanding conditions first.

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Do some street photography. It helps you capture fleeting defining moments, in sometimes difficult lighting conditions. You will learn settings and focusing on the fly that way. In my case, as well as other documentary wedding photographers, it’s a very similar approach of capture to how we do wedding photography.

Nashville Oktoberfest, street photography

Nashville Oktoberfest

street photography

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Find a fashion show, or bridal fashion show. They are often indoors in less than ideal lighting situations, and are faster moving than walking the aisles at weddings. Put AF lock and continuous focus to the test, trust it.

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Test it’s lower light and focusing abilities in various settings. Always consider manual focus if necessary. 


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Make sure you are comfortable with flash in manual mode, on or off camera.

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For me, it didn’t start off easy, but by my third wedding with it, and not reaching for the Canon gear, I knew it could soon be time to unload it. Which took me 6 months to do. By completing those steps, you will know your gear, more than likely know how to use prime lenses, and adapt to changing conditions rapidly with this system. The smaller size wasn’t a huge factor in my purchase, but it’s most definitely been a benefit. I definitely feel less fatigued at the end of a long wedding day, and less laden with gear. It’s been a great ride so far, and going in with those advantages, it can be for you too.

6 thoughts on “Trusting Fuji X system for weddings”

  1. Wow, these photos look so alive and full of emotions :))) One of my favourites ir is the third one – that womens face expression is hillarious! 😀 I really love how you catch the moments, also I believe that your camera is perfect enough to make these moments colorful and bright :)) thumbs up for you, great catch!

  2. These pictures look great! Of course, you have to be able to BE a photographer! 🙂 And glad I got to see some pictures from the Fuji X, as we got it for our eldest daughter for Christmas, but she couldn’t come back home. But upon receipt of it, she called us and squealed in delight! So, I’m assuming we’ll be getting some good pictures from her eventually. As for me, not a photographer, I’ll just keep using my phone camera. 🙂

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