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Headshots for different walks of life

Though I fancy myself as a documentary photographer, I do enjoy doing lifestyle photography and headshots for different walks of life. It brings out their character for the intended purpose. Also I find it rewarding to meet different people in different careers and lifestyles, and give them the tools to help them in their careers. Often their need for a headshot comes last minute. They have an audition tomorrow or later this week. They are applying for a new job or new position and just found out they need a headshot, like now. Or for the freelance marketing person who wants a casual but professional looking portrait of themselves for social media and their website. It feels good to be able to help them, we understand life happens.

Mary, Midwife’s assistant- headshots for different walks of life

casual headshot


casual business headshot

A couple different moods to show she can look professional, but still casual enough for women giving birth to feel comfortable with. It’s a great position of trust and comfort. Mary has to look caring, approachable, and nurturing as well as professional. Her job requires having a very personal connection with her clients, so it will be a different feel from the standard business headshot.


actor headshots in Nashville

It’s all about that camera presence and the ability to shine on camera. Slightly more dramatic lighting was a nice feature for him and what he needed.

Emily- banker

headshots in Nashville

Sure, beauty never hurts! In her position, people are trusting her with their finances and personal / financial security. Having a trustworthy, friendly, approachable, and professional image is important here. Confidence without arrogance.

Cameron-freelance business and marketing consultant –


This brings out soul and character. Meet me at the coffee shop and let’s talk. Good for website bio and social media. This can help attract clients who want a freelancer instead of a more corporate figure. These are some recent characters who visited my studio for headshots. Will you be next?

Brilliant headshot idea

It was late Friday afternoon, I received a call from a gentleman from out of state, he was in town for a cousin’s wedding, and was interested in a professional business headshot. He wanted to know if I had any appointments available the next day, I didn’t have any weddings that day, so I said sure! I thought that was interesting, and have never had a request exactly under those circumstances, but he explained and then it made perfect sense!

He said he would already be dressed up, cleanly shaven, hair styled perfectly, so it made sense to get a headshot done then. He would come to the studio to do the headshots and then go straight to the wedding. I thought that was a brilliant headshot idea. He found my Google My Business listing, so that was cool! We did a couple different looks depending on the occasion, and to be able to go slightly more casual for LinkedIn and other social media.

casual headshot

corporate head shot Nashville

Headshots in Nashville

This season for business and modeling headshots started off later than usual. Perhaps our late running Winter and Nashville Snowmageddon delayed things, LOL! But now the influx is starting to come in thankfully! Spring is here, the energy levels are increasing. More people trying out for modeling and acting and getting headshots made. As well as business professionals getting new jobs or positions that require them to get a new business headshot to represent themselves. I like it when that happens. This is the studio to come to for Headshots in Nashville.

Part of how I serve my headshot clients best are working diligently to get them in with short notice, which is a common need for them. Also finding their best angles and features to accentuate, as well as not. Helping them exude confidence and professionalism all in one. Many people do not like being photographed because it’s not a part of their everyday lives, but that’s part o the science to any headshot and portrait photography. This is Adam, he just got a new position and is relocating, and needed a new headshot in short order. Your wish is my command, good luck sir! We look forward to doing the next ones for you, and your professional associates!

business headshot

Studio headshots with XT-1

These are my first studio headshots with the Fuji XT-1. I went to Atlanta to work with my long time muse, to do some boudoir photography and some conceptual headshots for her music career and commercial. We had a studio lined up but then they reneged on it, so we used her apartment! She did the styling herself with LOTS of gold glitter and baby oil. I set up the subject area with a medium softbox feathered from my left as a key, and 2 heads feathering the walls with grids and red and blue color gels behind her. I used the XT-1 and the 56mm 1.2, and was thrilled with the clarity, color, focus, and depth of field. It behaved well in the studio and had no focusing issues. Modeling lamp was helpful….of course lots of contrast for it to hunt for effortlessly.

I’ve done another business headshot in my studio since and was very happy with that as well. The 56 is a perfect studio and headshot lens, no wide angle distortion, and is basically an 85mm in full frame language. The glass and the Fuji color is largely why I went Fuji…soon to be all in, I strongly believe 🙂 Enjoy these brilliant concept headshots 🙂

Artistic headshots

Artistic headshots

Artistic headshots

Artistic headshots

Artistic headshots

Artistic headshots