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Headshots for realtors

Abso-freakin-lutely! LOL! I have done several of them over the years but not so many lately. I understand many are trying to cut back and all that. But, as a realtor, you are a professional offering a very personal service. Home selling and buying can be a tiresome and nerve racking process, so it’s always nice to have a good assertive realtor who is also caring and human. A photo can help represent that. Most every realtor’s business card has their photo on it. So why not put some care into it, since it represents your professional image and what your potential clients will see? Nothing less flattering than red eye from on camera flash, shot by a friend etc. Or a shiny hot spot on a man’s head who is folically challenged lol. Those are just a couple reasons why investing in a professional headshot is a worthwhile investment.

I use a similar strategy as I would a corporate headshot. I don’t have the person look too casual and giggly, but not too stern and serious either. Hey that sternness could work for a lawyer though haha! I wouldn’t hire a friendly lawyer. Friendly, approachable, and confident. Good balance. Professional attire recommended, can be in between casual and dress, avoid distracting accessories or color patterns, since the focus is on your face. Not too stiff, but no excess of cleavage, or gold chains or chest hair sticking out either LOL! You get the idea. I do have a tip for realtors saving money on headshots. Get a few of your colleagues in your office to book a session too, and come to the studio at the same time, and that way it’s less setup and time, everyone wins! I can’t speak for every photographer, but I would certainly offer a per head discount if that were an option…..as long as no one cancels. Just a tip 🙂 Here is a recent realtor headshot.