Centennial Park Nashville wedding photography

I met this great couple, Dave and Mary, because Mary found my business card at a coffee house that used to be at Hickory Hollow Mall last year, when I was involved in their art gallery showings. The only face I had was that business card, thankfully it caught her attention! This is just one more confirmation that cheap business cards don’t get it done for a creative field especially. At that time, Mary’s brother and future sister in law were planning their wedding and needed a photographer. I heard from them and met with them, and soon after booked their wedding, then months rolled by, I photographed their wedding! We were all thrilled with the results, and really had fun working together. So, we all stayed in touch, since then I have been invited to their family cookouts and nights out at the Blues Club, etc. As well as being asked to photograph their Christmas Party!

More months rolled by and Dave and Mary announced that they would be getting married, they wanted a nice elegant and small ceremony at The Parthenon in Centennial Park, in Nashville. I was a little concerned about the weather because earlier in the day we got a torrential downpour of rain, but luckily the rain stopped. We got some beautiful natural light to use, the black and white mood was just perfect for the occasion! On a technical note, I shot at f2.8 and anywhere from 1/60-1/125 second shutter speed, ranging from 400-1600 ISO depending on how the lighting changed. In such a case, exposure bracketing is a wise idea. Lens of choice was my Tamron 28-75 2.8.

Everyone looked so happy, and they were surrounded by those who love them, including me! I’m grateful not only for the whole family’s photography business and referrals, but the chance to get to know them and be friends with them as well! Hey, it’s like they have their own personal Nashville wedding photographer when such an occasion arises….Ok Mary and Dave, and Betty and Aaron, any other siblings getting married? 🙂 Congratulations guys!

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Oh, and one of the sunset on the way out 🙂


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